Since 1992, SIEPEL has been designing, manufacturing and setting up a wide range of electromagnetic absorbers
Power handling: 2kW / m for standard pyramidal absorbers
Temperature resistance: from - 65C to +160C for pyramidal absorbers
Fire rating: compliant with ISO 11925-2 Euroclass E, NRL 8093 - tests 1, 2 and 3, and DIN 4102 - B2


For applications in space field for example, SIEPEL offers high power absorbers (AHP) covering a frequency range from 300 MHz to 50 GHz.
They are dedicated to areas subject to high power densities (20 kW/m CW)


Near field antenna measurements chambers. we can integrate scanners, positioners and instrumentation for cylindrical, spherical, or planar systems. Far field antenna measurements chambers
Chambers for antenna measurements in compact ranges and RCS Chambers for tests in RF Hardware in the Loop simulated situation: we integrate target simulation systems, and flight simulators

RF Shielding Box/Cabinet

Suitable for small RF / microwave devices and/or antennas
Custom design and dimensions available
Knife edge shielded door for high shielding effectiveness performances (120 dB @ 1 GHz) up to 40 GHz
Cabinet can be fitted with various available feedthrough: RF connectors, honeycomb air vents, fibre optics waveguides (pipe penetrations), data signals filters,
power filters (AC, DC) with internal outlets, control line filters, data lines filters (up to 2 Mbits/s), USB / Ethernet / LAN / RS232 fibre optics converters, see-through shielded window .


Leaf door: simple or Double & Three-leaf, sliding door